Little Black Book

Little Black Book

From 3-Michelin starred restaurants to local off-the-beaten track favourites, we have over 400 addresses in our Parisian “Little Black Book”, complete with details of opening times, weekly / annual closures and the complete lowdown on the individual booking procedures.

Simply email [email protected] for more information and for assistance with recommendations and reservations all over Paris.



Au Bon Accueil  “Hi Nicola, Au Bon Accueil ranked as one of our top dining experiences. The octopus was amazing and every other dish was as thoughtful and delicious. The wait staff matched the food. Highly professional, skilled and fun to watch as the night became busier and busier… I must tell you that having you make these reservations was invaluable. Each restaurant received us with such warmth and provided the best tables. On average, I’d say three hours of joy each time.” – Carl

Au Petit Tonneau – “The private luncheon at Au Petit Tonneau for 25 was simply delightful. The food was wonderful and no one needed to revert to their second choice of anything! Arlette and her server were very attentive, and throughout the weekend, we have received many compliments about the entire experience. Yesterday a group went back to Tonneau for lunch! And several people have added the restaurant to their list for future visits to Paris. Thank you! “- Sabrina

Café Constant – “Nicola, the beef bourguignon at Café Constant was as excellent as we remember, as were the Profiteroles, but we had an even better time than last year because of our immediate and very warm welcome we received – the manager came out from behind the bar to greet us again and help with our coats – the evening was ‘c’est magnifique’. THANK YOU!!!” – Robert

Café Constant

Chez Papa – “Thanks so much Nicola for both the recommendation and reservation at Chez Papa. We had a wonderful evening at the Jazz club.” – Kevin

Claus St Germain “Breakfast at Claus was amazing, thank you for such a great recommendation.” – Ramsey

David Toutain “David Toutain was beyond description. We loved every minute of it and will return again and again. They were gracious, generous and the food was fabulous.” – Ruth

David Toutain

Epicure – “What an amazing meal and experience. We sat outside on the terrace and the time flew by.” – Scott

Joséphine Chez Dumonet – “We really enjoyed our dinner at Joséphine Chez Dumonet, we are still dreaming about it. Can you check if they have space for Monday as we’d like to go back there again!” – Sergio

La Fontaine de Mars – “Thank you for your help on the restaurants!!! Fontaine de Mars was such a special experience. Thank you.” – Katelyn

Le Casse-Noix

Le Casse-Noix  “Hi Nicola, just wanted to tell you that Le Casse-Noix was wonderful last night…the best yet! We have loved all our meals.” – Peg

Le Clarence  “Le Clarence was absolutely perfect in every respect, including an astonishing little piece of aubergine — truly amazing!! THANK YOU so much for making it all so easy, Nicola!” – Gary

Le Coq Rico – “Dinner last night at Le Coq Rico was fantastic! Thank you so much for the recommendation.” – Karyn

Le Coq Rico

Le Reminet – “Thanks for the recommendation. The restaurant, the service, the location were all good. We really enjoyed it and would rate it among the top three for us so far on this trip.” – Len

Le Violon d’Ingres – “The best dinner we had was at Le Violon. Great food and great service.” – Charles

Les Cocottes  “We had a wonderful time at Les Cocottes last night. We thought it was the best restaurant we’ve been to: great service, excellent food, and fun atmosphere. We also loved the other restaurants as well!” – Henk

Les Cocottes

Philippe Excoffier  “You made a perfect choice chez Philippe Excoffier for us for the restaurant on our last night together. It was intimate and the food was delicious and not heavy or too rich”. – Chantal

Semilla – This was my favorite restaurant. The food was amazing and beautifully presented! I will definitely want to go back when we return. The wine was so good and the service was really helpful”. – Wendy

Septime – “Our favorite has been Septime! Delicious!!!! Thank you again!” – Angie


Verjus – “The best so far. Beyond what we remembered.” – Marilyn

yam ‘Tcha – “Thank you! After years of trying to get a reservation we’ll finally have a chance to eat there.” – Tom.




It goes without saying that you’re also spoilt for choice with an overwhelming number of cafés and restaurants in easy walking distance of the museum for a pre-visit breakfast, brunch or lunch, or for a relaxing dinner to rest your aching pins after drinking in as many masterpieces as a single visit will allow.  To whet your appetites, here’s a countdown of our Top 10 restaurant recommendations near the Louvre… Read more here.


If I were to say that getting a table at Septime is comparable to winning the lottery, or finding a €50 note on the pavement, I’d be exaggerating only slightly, but oh gosh it is well worth jumping through all those hoops to try for a reservation… This Michelin-starred restaurant continues to be one of the very best places to eat in the whole of Paris, and is showing no signs of losing its momentum or letting too many cooks spoil the broth – far from it… Read more here.

Credit featured photo courtesy of Le Violon d’Ingres, all other photos by Nicola Collarile.