Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Indulge in the extraordinary : step off the beaten track and behind closed doors with exclusive tours that enable you to experience privileged access to secret parts of Paris not open to the general public and create a memory of a lifetime.




Step away from the crowds and slip through a private doorway to discover the most intimate royal living quarters of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette on this exclusive private visit of the Chateau de Versailles. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the company of an accredited expert unlocks the key to a secret area usually reserved only for art historians and dignitaries, and will enable you to access privileged areas of the castle that are not accessible to other visitors.

Commencing with the stunning ‘Grands Appartements’ and luminous ‘Hall of Mirrors’ with its decadent chandeliers and spectacular views over the Royal Gardens, you will then be escorted behind the scenes through a hidden doorway into the King’s Private Bedrooms, where only very few were admitted and where the royals spent their most private moments. After passing through the so-called ‘secret service’ Cabinet Noir, you will take a tour of the King’s Private Council Room, once used as the regal washrooms, and be given private entry into the Royal Chapel or Royal Opera. Accessible solely to those enjoying this prestige experience, you will be able to enjoy a private inspection of some of the most ornate furniture in the world not on public view, including Louis XV’s original desk and the ingenious Passemant Pendulum Clock, which took almost 40 years to create and was the brainchild of the country’s most talented artisans – ‘Made in Italy’ at its very best.

This luxury tour also highlights the former glory of the extensive Royal Gardens with the beautifully tended lawns, resplendent statues and remarkable fountains. Complete your luxury ‘Behind the Scenes’ visit in style by watching the magical Musical Fountain Show, a glittering celebration that takes place in the ornate gardens between the months of April and October – check availability with us at the time of reserving your tour.

Please note that Versailles is closed on Mondays and that skip-the-line access is included, although there will still be queues to pass the security gates.

Versailles V.I.P. « Behind the Scenes » Private Guided Tour duration : 8 hours

Maximum size of group : 8 people.

Tours take place departing from your Paris hotel or apartment at 9:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, subject to availability.

Request further information and reserve your tour here.


Catacombs Underground Walking Tour

The Catacombs encapsulate all that is mysterious and beguiling about Paris, offering a unique underground adventure unmatched by any other city. This excursion is so much more than bare bones — some of the city’s deepest darkest secrets lie within the limestone tunnels. This tour offers VIP access revisiting some of the most turbulent and tumultuous periods in Paris history. You’ll discover the stories and secrets of this network of tunnels that extend some 20m beneath the hustle and bustle of modern Paris, benefitting from skip-the-line access to avoid what is typically hours of standing in line. This tour also gives you access to dark corners that are closed to the general public. Dig deeper into a world of darkness that resides quietly beneath the City of Light – you’ll never look at Paris the same way again.

Catacombs Walking Tour duration : 2 hours.

Maximum size of group : 19 people. Tickets are released circa 2 months in advance, so availability varies accordingly.

Read more in our Here to Stay blog article here. Request further information, check availability and reserve your tour here.



Paris is such a stunning city, with photographic opportunities at every corner, but it could be all too easy to stick to the main routes and miss some of its countless hidden charms. Our personalised itineraries take you off the beaten track and behind closed doors to discover the secret parts of Paris that would be all too easy to miss if you didn’t know they were there.

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Versailles photo with thanks to Localers.