Frequently Asked Questions

Here To Stay info is owned and operated by Nicola Collarile and offers bespoke itinerary planning and tours assistance for visitors travelling to Paris, Milan, Bergamo and other parts of Italy. Please note that the consultancy/personalised itinerary services are billed directly to Here To Stay, while all suggested tours and tickets are to be paid directly by the client to the specific provider, once confirmed.

Please find general information and Frequently Asked Questions below. For further information about specific destinations, experiences, and cultural events please consult the weekly Here To Stay blog, and social media on Facebook (link) and Instagram.


What does Here To Stay offer? We propose comprehensive tailor-made itineraries, specialising in going behind closed doors and offering off the beaten track experiences, particularly in Italy. Air travel and accommodation is not included, although suggestions can be given to assist travellers.


What makes Here To Stay different? “It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it”: seeing the sights with a licensed guide can make all the difference, bringing new perspectives to a visit that guide books and unguided tours do not always provide. In addition, we have sought out extraordinary places in Italy that are still relatively unknown by large tourist groups and which offer exclusive opportunities to discover the real Italy, with a personal welcome by historic home owners and their families. In Paris we work with trusted partners with whom we have been collaborating for several years and who offer the very best of French experiences.


Is every itinerary really fully personalised? Yes, each itinerary is one-of-a-kind, taking into consideration your personal tastes and preferences of what you are particularly interested in seeing and doing, your budget, etc. You can also let us know of any existing plans by email at the time of completing your questionnaire. We are very happy to work everything in to suggest the best final programme that suits you perfectly.


How do you charge for your services? After you have contacted us we will send you an exploratory questionnaire to check your individual requirements on your Wish List. We will then create an outline of what we might suggest for you, including private experiences and services. Upon your decision to book your private Here To Stay itinerary, we request full payment for this consultancy fee and connect you with the individual services to facilitate confirmation of your tours and experiences. We also undertake to follow through with all details of your programme even once you have arrived, offering a full service from A-Z.


Is there a minimum price for working with you on an itinerary? The cost of an itinerary depends the length of time you are staying at your destination. For a three-day itinerary with a minimum of separate private services, the price is €150, with an additional €50 per extended day, or €300 for a full 7-day week. This covers the time spent designing your trip and organising all your recommendations for you.


How long does it take for me to receive my completed Here To Stay Itinerary once I have submitted a request?Please allow up to 7-10 days (or less) to receive your complete custom programme, as every itinerary is hand-crafted to suit your unique preferences. 21 days’ advance notice before travel is the usual time requirement; for travellers arriving within a shorter time span we kindly request an additional €50 if it is possible to accommodate your requirements.


I have designed and booked my own itinerary and just need assistance with specific experience or services for one day. Can you help? We can provide single day trips or experiences for an itinerary that we haven’t designed and charge a bespoke consultancy fee for the co-ordination of these private services.


Can you adapt if I am travelling with young children or elderly parents? This is absolutely not a problem. Just be sure to highlight as much detail as you need at the time of filling in the questionnaire. We have experience planning trips for families with young children who require “quiet time” built into their itinerary, as well as being able to assist with tips and solutions for every age. Whatever your special circumstances or requirements, we will do our utmost to accommodate your needs to ensure complete peace of mind before and during your stay.


Do you assist with special occasions such as honeymoons and milestone anniversaries? Yes, we would be pleased to assist you. Please note that for larger groups of more than 6 travellers, we charge an additional €25 per day to account for the added complexity and time it takes to make arrangements for a larger party.


Can you help book my accommodation? No, we do not make bookings at your destination, but we can certainly suggest places that we know by reputation and put you in direct contact if this would be helpful.


Do you book flights/travel arrangements? No, we do not reserve flights and traditionally our clients have already organised their accommodations and flight details before we begin working on specific itineraries. However, we can definitely give you advice on how to travel to your destination from your incoming airport and can also provide advice on train schedules and timings, as well as putting you in contact with drivers to get you to your destination for an experience or tour booked through Here To Stay.


Is Travel Insurance necessary? Travel insurance is highly recommended: it can protect your holidays investment under all kinds of circumstances, including travel disruption, cancelled or delayed flights, lost luggage, etc.


If we don’t speak Italian, is this a problem? Most Europeans will speak good English, particularly in the more tourist-friendly destinations, although it may not be completely fluent. All the guides and experts recommended by Here To Stay speak English (or the required language of the private tour that has been confirmed and by prior request).


Please do not hesitate to email us for any specific questions regarding your forthcoming trip : [email protected]. We are here to help.