« Well I’m here to stay, let’s really make the most of it » was the game plan when first arriving in Milan almost 25 years ago as a British citizen with practically no Italian, a job in marketing in a multinational company and soon to be two small children. Fast forward to today, after a transfer back to London for three years, followed by a decade in Paris in the world of tourism, and Milan has once again become home.


The city has changed beyond belief. Once considered as grey and drab as some of its offices compared with the more dynamic places like Rome, Florence and Venice, the arrival of the Universal Expo in 2015 was the catalyst that has changed everything, bringing over 22 million visitors to town and putting Milan right back on the map. Recently voted again as best place to live in Italy in 2019, there’s a real buzz in the air and a tangible sense of pride amongst the Milanese.

Le Colonne di San Lorenzo round the corner

The undisputed capital of business and the fashion world, and now the third most visited European destination after London and Paris, Milano is welcoming record-breaking numbers of tourists who are keen to experience first-hand the staggering amount of culture and history the city has to offer, not to mention the seriously fabulous food and drink at every corner.

Three floors of pure gastronomic bliss : Eataly Smeraldo Milano


Miss the many off-the-beaten track hidden jewels at your peril, however! There are hidden surprises down every quiet street by day or night, if you only know where to find them, with everything from unexpected Sistine-Chapel-like frescoed churches to fifth-generation master jewellers all too happy to share the secrets of their craft with you. And whether your tastes run to gastronomic opportunities to try your hand at cooking traditional Italian dishes or testing vintage wines at a nearby château, there is so much more to this city than the usual suspects…

Almenno San Salvatore


Even more exciting, there are a limitless number of great places to incorporate into a Milanese trip that are less than an hour or two away by car or train. Take a day trip away from the hustle and bustle to explore Bergamo and its surroundings. One of the most under-rated places on earth, this is one of Italy’s best kept secrets and an absolute revelation – let Here To Stay take you behind closed doors: we can organise private visits to family-inhabited stately homes that will take your breath away and reserve dinner by candlelight in frescoed dining rooms for an evening that will be the highlight of your holiday, and so much more.

A Parisian side street close to the Arc de Triomphe


Paris, of course, will always be Paris, and part of my heart will always remain there. It is a privilege therefore to be able to continue collaborating with the excellent partners and partnerships created over the many years of assisting guests with their itineraries and restaurant reservations. Here To Stay’s sole mission is to offer attentive 5-star service and personalised travel planning advice for those coming to this uniquely wonderful City of Light: whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or with a group of friends and family, and for business or for pleasure, “Here To Stay” is here to help.

I’ve fallen in love with Milan again!  Having not visited the city in twenty years, Nicola helped to formulate a fantastic itinerary for all of us.  With only two and a half days to visit, we were swept into wonderful tours of:  The Last Supper, The Duomo, Leonardo De Vinci’s Vineyards and more…  It all was seamless, stressless and informative.  We also had delicious meals with fresh produce, creamy gelato, and time to enjoy an “aperitivo”. The entire trip from A to Z was pure magic!  Grazie Mille!”  Monique O.

“What made a beautiful stay into a spectacular vacation was Nicola and her team who designed a custom itinerary for my husband and I and our two daughters. Nicola spoke with me often and we communicated frequently as she designed a tour each day along with dinner reservations all based on our family’s interests. Every single guide from the walking tours to the private tour of the Louvre coupled with incredible restaurant suggestions, as well as the itinerary prepared for the 8 days made the vacation a memory our family will always treasure. The custom photo shoot at the end of the trip in front of the Eiffel Tower has given us amazing photos for the future. We are especially grateful to Nicola for her kind attention to every single detail. Thank you!!”   Molly S.

How to visit a city like Milan, steeped in so much history, culture and beauty, in only 4 days without feeling completely overwhelmed ?  With the help of Here to Stay !  Just incredible ideas, organised with seamless efficiency and brilliant service. Our group enjoyed such a blissful trip soaking up the very best of Milan : pre-booked tours to some of the most sought after attractions, leisurely strolls to nearby villas, churches, gardens and shops, all happily interrupted by great food, wine and coffee at perfectly selected restaurants, cafe and bars. We seemed to fit in so much without any sense of feeling frantic or rushed.  We just floated from one amazing place to the next. With Nicola’s impressive planning I didn’t have to think, I could just enjoy. Thanks so much!” – Kylie B

Featured photo credit @ Julien LB Photography Paris