Paris, Milan, Bergamo and beyond … the list of extraordinary places to explore in Europe is endless, and it would be impossible to discover every nook and cranny in just one visit.

“Here to Stay” is here to help you make the very most of your vacation, every time.

Whether you are visiting for the first or the fifteenth time, deciding how to plan your itinerary is a matter of personal choice. Whether you prefer to spend your time going off the beaten track and discovering every secret nook and cranny or prefer to concentrate on seeing the best-known highlights, let us assist you and ensure you get to do all the things on your Wish List, as well as suggesting some hidden retreats that may turn out to be the highlights of your holiday.

Click on the links and read more about our personalised Itinerary Planning and Restaurant Reservation Services – follow the Here To Stay blogs on Paris, Milan and Bergamo, together with ideas for Day Trips from Milan elsewhere in Italy – and check out the most recent articles below :


Discovering a Taste of Paris Part 1 – Taking a Walk on the Sweet Side March 14, 2019 - As the recent Netflix series of “Chef’s Table” enticingly fills our screens with more mouth-watering glimpses into the lives of modern culinary visionaries around the globe, featuring four of the world’s most acclaimed pastry chefs and tantalisingly sub-titled “Dessert is Served”, we go in search 
‘La Crème de la Crème’ Market Tour and Cooking Class in Paris February 21, 2019 - Tucked away on a tiny ‘passage’ just off the bustling, vibrant market street of rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement, the last thing you would expect to see when pushing open the front door of Charlotte’s home and workplace is a fully-fledged, gleaming professional kitchen 


Best City in Italy 2019 – Putting Milan on the Map March 21, 2019 - It’s official! Milan is breaking records at every turn, and has once again been named the Top Place to live in Italy, ranking it higher than any other city in the country in terms of quality of life. On the architectural front, the Fondazione Prada 
‘In Vino Veritas’ – Discovering Leonardo’s Vineyard in the Heart of Milan February 14, 2019 - Just across the road from where the sacred ‘Last Supper’ painting is preciously stowed under lock and key lies a small but perfectly conceived hidden gem of Renaissance Italy that would be all too easy to miss. It’s yet another example, so common in Milan, 


Going Behind Closed Doors in Bergamo’s stunning Villa Pesenti Agliardi & Palazzo Agliardi January 31, 2019 - Picture gently rolling hills, the greenery of breath-taking countryside interspersed with a mosaic of captivating historic villas, and tiny villages scattered in the midst of luxuriant nature, all just twenty minutes’ drive from one of the most enchanting medieval cities in the whole of Italy.